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Lincoln school is proud of its one hundred year legacy of creating individualized teaching curriculums for students who excel with one-on-one learning in a rural environment. This is reflected in its dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to providing a safe learning environment for students.

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Cynthia Walsh joins us from Union School, where she served for 10 years as the Principal/Teacher before its closure in June 2017. Prior to teaching at Union School, Cynthia taught at Cinnabar School for eleven years, giving her over 20 years’ experience teaching elementary age students.

At Union, Cynthia was actively involved in curriculum development, student recruitment, facility improvement, and as a community liaison. She worked closely with staff, parents, community members, and students to create a welcoming and organized environment.

Cynthia has experience in higher education institutions as well, having taught at the University of Dominican for over ten years. She holds her B.A. in Education, an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Multiple Subject credential with an emphasis in Multicultural Studies. In 2015, she was selected by the Union Joint School District to receive an Outstanding Teacher award and in 2017 she went back to school to receive a Single Subject credential in Physical Education.

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